Spotlight: Our Heroes – a poem

The talents of our Leaders candidates go way beyond the built environment! In this Spotlight, FoL’s GM Leaders Plus candidate Matt Kelly (Wigan Council) reflects on his poem Our Heroes – a tribute to our frontline NHS staff over this past year. Listen to the poem read by Christopher Eccleston below.

While life since the start of the pandemic has changed forever, one thing that has become clear is that when we stand together as a society – we are unstoppable. The fear, confusion and uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought into our lives has given us the opportunity to demonstrate our kindness, our resilience and our ingenuity.

The poem I wrote for my partner who is a District Nurse tried to capture the war-like, unbreakable determination that we all had to find in ourselves and started out as a poem of hope. But one year on, as the dawn of a covid-free world is emerging, the poem brings a sense of nostalgia and reflection.

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