Proposal for Greater Manchester: “A Call to Green”

In the run-up to Future of London’s #Alumni500 celebration, the FoL team and Alumni reps are sharing stories, issues and tips to celebrate the network’s impact and worldwide connections. Watch this space – and check out the #CityBites podcast, also co-produced by alumni.

This is a multi-media experiment (we do love an experiment): an online Proposal for Greater Manchester from Arup associate and 2020 grad Marc Watterson, plus a short behind-the-scenes podcast interview on the whys and hows of the timed Proposals format.

If you’re interested in ways to add public green space and reduce traffic in any town centre, watch Marc’s talk and lively Q&A (above, 15 min). If you’re set to deliver a Proposal for London or Greater Manchester as part of a Leaders course, listen to the podcast for tips from a survivor (below, six min).

Finally, to see a Proposal in the light of day, check out this Place North West article on pedestrianising central Manchester. Marc will be first to say this wasn’t his doing, but he was clearly on the right track – and he’s continuing to push for more accessible, equitable green space.

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