Future of London’s leadership courses are a unique opportunity for promising urban professionals to share best practice, build resilience and confidence, hone team or stakeholder skills, nurture innovative thinking and connect meaningfully with colleagues from different organisations and sectors. With 500+ fast-rising alumni as of 2020, this is the UK’s most powerful force for urban change. Get involved!

Future of London offers three bespoke options, exclusive to public-sector and SME members, core sponsors and invited third-sector organisations. For more information, please contact our Leaders team.

leadership: future london leaders field trip

Future London Leaders

Future London Leaders is designed for people 8-10 years into their careers and is excellent for those about to manage a team, or who have started to lead but need some support. The six-month course includes leadership skills modules; field trips [case studies & supported study while meeting is restricted]; an ethics seminar based on the cohort’s theme; and a personally matched mentor. Candidates graduate after an intense ‘Proposal for London’ presentation – live or online – to an invited audience. Read more here.

leadership: leaders plus candidates workshop

Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is our next-level course, offered in London and Greater Manchester and focused on advanced leadership development for people navigating increased risk and responsibility. The nine-month course includes leadership skills modules; Expert Insights sessions with cross-sector leaders; candidate-led field trips [supported study while meetings are limited] and mentoring from the UK’s top urban practitioners. To graduate, candidates must make a ‘Proposal for London’ or ‘Proposal for GM’ to a select group of champions and challengers. Read more here.

London Wide View River Thames From City Hall, Emerging Talent Programme

Emerging Talent Programme

The Emerging Talent Programme is a two-year course with cross-sector placements designed to reach out to under-represented groups; offer an inclusive entry point into the housing and regeneration sectors; and fast-track a new, diverse generation of leaders. Read more here.