Focusing on current and emerging issues, FoL produces practical guidance to help urban practitioners navigate the fast pace of change in London, with a focus on regeneration, housing, local economy and infrastructure. Our extensive networks are integral to this, contributing knowledge and experience through events, field trips and case studies.

We are open to project ideas from members, partners and alumni. If there’s a topic you’d like to explore with Future of London, contact Anna Odedun.

“Future of London listens to its members and has its finger on the pulse. Their research themes consistently tap into London’s built environment zeitgeist. The emphasis on outcomes and practical tools stops debate or research straying too far from home.”

Kieron Hyams, Associate Director, Arup

Current projects

Building recovery: closing the gap

Building recovery: closing the gap

Recovery will be one of the biggest challenges of 2021. Critical to this will be addressing the devastating impact of Covid-19, as well as Brexit, on equalities. This project will share successful approaches to tackling the equity gap from across the capital, as well as other UK and overseas cities. The programme will shine a light on innovative projects working to close the equity gap and explore how new ways of collaborating across sectors can safeguard a fairer city for all.

Healthy neighbourhoods: working together

Covid-19 has replicated existing health inequalities and, in some cases, has increased them. Action needs to be taken to address the factors that contribute to these inequalities – including the environments and communities in which people live and work. This programme will highlight how the built environment and health sectors can work more effectively together to bring about better outcomes for local people and build more resilient neighbourhoods.

Future London Leaders Round 10 launch

Leading through uncertainty 

This programme will spotlight the people who have unremittingly supported their teams through this past year, showcasing the critical skills needed to lead well through these difficult times and into a future where the way we work has radically changed. This programme will focus on the positive. It will bring out personal stories and celebrate those leaders who are providing a shining example for our sector as we navigate these uncertain times.

Deserted London Bridge station, Learning from crisis

Learning from Crisis

As we navigate Covid-19 and consider the world we’ll emerge into, Future of London will share intel, strategy and best practice across its multi-media Learning from Crisis programme. We’ll focus on managing now, and how we’ll emerge from crisis.


CityBites is a peer-driven podcast with FoL staff, associates and members of the alumni network invite guests from different sectors and roles to share stories, insights and ideas. It draws on FoL’s role as a trusted platform; a track record in intelligent, objective analysis; a broad, mixed-level network; an online audience growing rapidly through webinars and social media; and the capacity to connect diverse groups and ideas.