Diverse Voices Network

Diverse Voices is a cross-sector, intergenerational network bringing fresh voices to the built environment and wider “place” sector across GM. It’s a positive, practical network – adapted from FoL’s Speaker Diversity network – that:

1 – Offers people from under-represented groups training, connection and support to build profile and career opportunities

2 – Offers willing – and even unwilling! – event organisers a range of ‘mic-ready’ speakers, chairs and panelists with various seniority levels and a mix of expertise and background.

3 – Builds a strong network of connected experts who can take Greater Manchester from behind to ahead of the game for diversity and inclusion.

We invite you to join our network of diverse voices, celebrate our differences, learn from each other, and collectively make a lasting impact around us. For info – as a learner, speaker, event host or sponsor – get in touch!

Weaving a Tapestry of Perspectives

By embracing a broad spectrum of voices, we foster an environment where ideas flourish, solutions are more comprehensive, and decisions are collaborative and robust. By bringing together a fresh set of experiences, insights, and expertise, we amplify diverse voices, enrich the conversation, widen our horizons, and ensure that no viewpoint goes unheard. This diversity is a powerful catalyst for innovation, problem-solving, and effective leadership. 

According to the latest McKinsey report, Diversity Matters even more: A holistic approach, only 16% of leaders on executive teams belong to historically underrepresented ethnicities.

In our own organisations and across our sector, it’s crucial to have representation from all walks of life, demographics, sectors, and career stages. At Future of GM, we work hard to integrate diverse perspectives into our programmes. By doing so, we empower participants to embrace a broader understanding of leadership, incorporating empathy, adaptability, and an inclusive mindset. 

Our Commitment to Inclusive Leadership 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity is a vital aspect of Future of GM’s approach to leadership development and mentoring, and to our own governance. We haven’t got it all right yet, but we keep at it constantly, and we hope you’ll join us.

Through mentoring, ongoing support, and a growing alumni network, we facilitate an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Our commitment also extends beyond our programmes – it’s a promise to continually promote and celebrate diversity in leadership across Greater Manchester. 

Stay tuned for events, stories, and insights as we embark on this exciting chapter at Future of Greater Manchester. Together, we will shape a future where every voice is actively listened to and integrated into the positive transformation of our communities, get in touch!  

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